Hi guys! Whats new? Writing from my ipod.

I love to write stories and such, and Im going to write a new story and possibly get it published. I know Im only 12 coming on 13, but I have big dreams, and who knows? Maybe I'll get my big break!

Hey, speaking of which, do you guys know any story/novel sharing sites I could go on and sign up for? I've been looking for a really good one.

You're probably wondering why I'm not telling you all about my new story. Well, there are bad peeps out there who could and would steal my ideas, so, unfortunately, you'll have to wait until it maybe gets published if you want to read it.

~ Kira <3
Hi people!

Im writing this from my iPod so I might make a few mistakes...

I recently got glasses. Believe it or not, glasses are really quite stylish. If you get a pair that really looks good on you, it can really add to your whole look! Glasses are even made by big fashion brands; mine are from Coach. I will attach a pic of my glasses at the bottom and eventually add an article all on glasses to the Styles page.

Roblox is a really fun game online where you can deaign your own character, play games made by other players, make your own games, join and make groups, and so much more. Ill be honest: for some stuff you have to pay for. My username is CrazyDaisyKitten...Ill be glad to play a game with you!

Bye for now,
Me on Moviestar Planet! (teenstyle1999)
Hi, guys! :) Miss me? lol jk
Well, I've been playing this awesome online game called Moviestar Planet, and it's really fun! You can make and act in your own movies, chat w/ friends, play epic minigames, adopt adorable pets (I have a Boonie- you'll find out what they are when you play the game -named Puffball), have a boyfriend/girlfriend, go shopping, and more! :D You should really try it out. Oh, and be sure to find me on it; my username is teenstyle1999. The more the merrier, am I right or what, people?
Also, next year in school, I'mm going to take a class on a different language. I'm sooo taking French, as it is the language of love and fashion (it's true!). But I thought I'd ask you: would you rather, or are you already, take/taking French or Spanish? Answer in the comments box! :)
This is Puffball, my pet Boonie. She's cute, isn't she? :)

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