Hey, people! I'm Kira, one of the two fashionistas who created this site. My buddy, Monika, is the other.
This is my first post! :) Exciting, right? Well, not so much, but exciting for moi. Anyways...
I thought I'd tell you how we thought of making this fashion website. Actually, it was Monika's idea. She got it from the Disney movie "Frenemies". She texted me the idea, and of course I sadi yes. We both love fashion. :) Yeah, I realize our little idea story isn't really exciting, but, hey, look where it took us! :D
I'll try to blog often, but I can be busy. Sorry if I'm, like, M.I.A! :(
Bye 4 now,
Kira <3


i like it but more sports styles. I recommend a skater style and a softball style. It is softball season afterall.


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