Me on Moviestar Planet! (teenstyle1999)
Hi, guys! :) Miss me? lol jk
Well, I've been playing this awesome online game called Moviestar Planet, and it's really fun! You can make and act in your own movies, chat w/ friends, play epic minigames, adopt adorable pets (I have a Boonie- you'll find out what they are when you play the game -named Puffball), have a boyfriend/girlfriend, go shopping, and more! :D You should really try it out. Oh, and be sure to find me on it; my username is teenstyle1999. The more the merrier, am I right or what, people?
Also, next year in school, I'mm going to take a class on a different language. I'm sooo taking French, as it is the language of love and fashion (it's true!). But I thought I'd ask you: would you rather, or are you already, take/taking French or Spanish? Answer in the comments box! :)
This is Puffball, my pet Boonie. She's cute, isn't she? :)

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